Training and Solutions for

Studio Owners

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Training and Solutions for

Studio Owners

For studio owners. By studio owners.

Owning a studio starts with a dream. It’s passion and a calling! It’s also a responsibility that requires new knowledge, skills, and support.

As a studio owner I’ve been there and that’s why I created Studio Training Solutions™.

STS is on a mission to create a healthier, more sustainable future for the dance industry—starting with you.

Welcome to Studio Training Solutions™ – your trusted studio owner resource center.  

Misty Lown

providing Resources for every step of Your Journey!

Resources for Every Step of Your Studio Journey!

STS™ is the Studio owner's place to:

How will STS™ make a difference in your life?

Misty Lown started Studio Training Solutions™ to provide studio owners and leaders with the tools, education, and connections they need to thrive. Whether you are a veteran studio owner or just starting journey, whether your studio is small or large, urban or rural, competitive or non-competitive, you are in the right place! Our mission is to empower studio owners to build a healthier, more sustainable future for the dance industry. 

As we make progress in the industry, let us move FORWARD, TOGETHER™.
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Friends in the Industry

“At Dance Teacher Web, we are in the business of helping studio owners succeed. Misty has partnered with us for five years now and we have been a part of INSight Magazine™ since the beginning. We are proud to support Studio Training Solutions™ and Misty’s continuous efforts to make the industry better!”
Steve Sirico
CEO, Dance Teacher Web
“Misty was one of the first to reach out to welcome me when I started providing services for studio owners. I’m proud to have Class Kid as a featured partner on this site. A resource like this has been long overdue and I can’t wait to see how it grows!”
Austin Roberson
CEO, ClassKid
“I’ve watched Misty lead for years, but the practical guidance she provided to help studios (and vendors) recover and rise from the pandemic has been awe-inspiring! And now, her new Studio Training Solutions™ platform facilitates connections between owners and vendors so they can be stronger together!”
Claudia Spiller Reed
Senior VP of Marketing, Weissman


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