Misty Lown, the founder, president and energized force behind More Than Just Great Dancing!®, is publishing a special edition of their annual summer INSight™ Magazine. This year will be a RECOVERY EDITION and it is much MORE than a magazine - it will be a RECOVERY ROADMAP for studio owners for the year ahead!


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INSight Recovery Edition



Which tech is right for you?
Growing (and pruning!) programs
Getting your team on the "right seat" on this new bus
Communicating with a cautious clientele
Adapting to new methods of teaching both for teachers and students
How much revenue do really you need?
The evolution of the buyer's mindset
Motivating your team to overcome change and challenges
Selling on social to build community and a sense of belonging
The balance of parenting and running a business during a pandemic


  • Q & A with Industry Leaders

  • Insights from National Companies

  • Recommended Books & Podcasts

  • E-Course

  • Live Online Training

"This is not just awesome INFORMATION, but practical IMPLEMENTATION! 
All designed to help you open with CONFIDENCE." - Misty Lown

Trusted Leadership

Misty Lown and her team at More Than Just Great Dancing!® have been doing their part to help stabilize the dance industry by providing cutting edge education in partnership with subject matter experts and iconic industry brands such as Dance Teacher Magazine, Dance Business Weekly and Discount Dance.

These webinars included State of the Industry addresses for vendors, Town Hall meetings for studio owners, and informational seminars encouraging dance parents and dance students around the world to #finishstrong. Over 8,000 have attended these events and/or downloaded the educational resources.

Another business of Misty Lown's, Youth Protection Advocates In Dance®, coordinated and complied resources from colleagues and competitors alike into a free Google Site called Studio Help Source which was was visited over 30,000 times in the first few weeks of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Practical Solutions

Misty Lown is known for her profound guidance, practical solutions, forward-thinking mentality, and content. And, it is exactly that expert care that has kept her 300 affiliated studios moving forward during this crisis.

Misty is a member of the Forbes Business Council and recently published an article on Forbes.com about navigating in a pandemic business environment. Additionally, Entrepreneur Magazine's "Ask an Expert" series recently interviewed her for 16 hours on the subject!

Her goal is to keep focused on helping ALL studio owners not only survive but THRIVE during the recovery season ahead.

Real Results

Based on 300 studios under the leadership of Misty Lown.

  • Continued Education

    97% of the Affiliated Studios are offering online classes on Zoom

  • Retention

    94% of students at the Affiliated Studios continued with their dance instruction

  • Tuition

    98% reported either charging full tuition for online classes (74%) or discounted tuition (24%)

Melanie Gibbs

Boca Dance Studio, Boca Raton, FL

“I never ignore a single message from Misty! Every publication is read cover-to-cover, and put in a folder that I refer to over and over again!”

Kirby Crawford

Kirby’s School of Dance, York, NE

"If it wasn’t for you, I am 99% sure that I would have lost my businesses during this because I would not have been set up correctly with your years of past leadership and the leadership that you have provided during this crisis."

Alexander (Sasha) Spassoff

Marketing Director at STAGESTEP

"I finally got to see the INSight magazine, my co-workers were hiding it apparently. I have to applaud and give an old school Brava to the MTJGD team! It is just great – content choices, design, paper stock, the depth and quality of editorial… all are impressive."

Kevin Thompson

Your Trust Collective, Arlington, WA

"Misty Lown is an example of the kind of leadership people are looking for right now. She and her team have stepped up for the families her dance studio serves, as well as the dance studio owners around the world who look to her for insight, perspective and support. She has remained calm in the face of chaos and committed to those she serves."

Ben Anderson

7 Academy of Performing Arts, Telford, United Kingdom

"My mentor Misty Lown has expertly guided myself and fellow affiliated studios owners through the last few weeks and I will be forever grateful to her and the More Than Just Great Dancing!® team!"

Beth Bartlett

Destiny Dance, Tulsa, OK

"This has been a whirlwind of a couple weeks I know for everyone. I have been stretched and pulled out of my comfort zone and had to do a complete overhaul on my business to continue to serve my families. I am so incredibly blessed for Misty Lown and More Than Just Great Dancing!® who has pulled together to bring dance to our families in a whole new way."

Brooke Maxwell

Utah Dance Arts, South Jordan, UT

"I am grateful for the strength, wisdom and support from my mentor Misty Lown, MTJGD and 300 dance studio owners and industry leaders across the country. Being able to associate with them daily has provided the tools and knowledge to lead my team confidently and navigate through our current circumstance."

Alison Brown

Hearts in Motion Dance, Grand Rapids, MI

"A huge shoutout to Misty Lown and her entire team for providing amazing leadership during this time. It's also been AMAZING to watch the dance community come together and offer so many things to everyone worldwide. It can be hard to look on the bright side but right now I truly believe it's the best thing we can do!"

Alana Tillim

SB Dance Arts, Santa Barbara, CA

“My mentor, Misty Lown. She is a mother of five, dance studio owner, author, and entrepreneur. She has found a way to give me and thousands of others renewed purpose in our lives. Personally, she has helped me find balance with my personal health and family and become a better leader."

Amy Simkins

Expressions Dance, Bountiful, UT

"I am grateful for the strength, wisdom and support from my mentor Misty Lown, MTJGD and 300 dance studio owners and industry leaders across the country. Being able to associate and counsel with them daily, has provided the tools and knowledge to lead my team confidently and navigate through our current circumstance. "