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5 Ways to Build Bench Strength

With today’s hiring challenges, it’s no wonder studio owners find themselves wondering, “How will we get it all done?”

The answer lies with a multi-pronged approach, including updated hiring strategies and raising up your existing staff. Use these tactics to develop the muscle that powers your studio!

  1. Create a career page on your website, with a quick-to-complete Google form application. Make it easy for job seekers to express interest in working with you.
  2. Implement an apprenticeship program. If a promising job candidate fits your culture but lacks experience, bring them in for a trial training period to ensure a mutually good fit.
  3. With input from your current teachers, build a new substitute teacher list. Connect with new grads, stay-at-home parents, and preschool teachers in your community too. You never know who has a dance background!
  4. Invest in cross-training your employees. Make it possible for people to easily step into each other’s roles in a pinch. When you have a plan, build trust, and show confidence in them, their skills grow—and so does your business.
  5. Equip your team with the tools that give them confidence: training, curricula, playlists, equipment. Become the studio known for prioritizing its employees and gain a reputation as the place everyone wants to work.


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