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Starting a New Program

Getting new people in the door can be as simple as following an advertising formula or generating leads from a community event—but what about attracting the right clients?

It starts with identifying buyer personas. A buyer persona is a fictional description of your ideal client. It is a well-researched, thoughtful representation of the personality type (or types) that your studio serves best.

Try writing down a few character qualities of clients you already love working with. Are they hyper-involved at the studio? Hands-off? Obsessed with Pinterest? Stay-at-home parents? What about them makes them ideal to serve? Why are they a good fit for your studio?

Use this information to target your marketing efforts:

  • If your ideal client is on the PTA, connect with them about dropping off goody bags for an event or sponsoring a teacher breakfast. Ask if you can attend a meeting to learn more about their needs.
  • If your ideal client is a parent who homeschools their children, reach out to local homeschool co-ops or engage with them on social media. Offer to arrange a dance studio field trip.
  • If your ideal client works for a large corporation, see if you can outsource classes as part of their wellness program. And find out if they offer onsite childcare—your studio could present a monthly dance story time.

Knowing your buyer personas allows you to effectively target the right people, in the right places at the right times. Gain a higher percentage of ideal clients by reaching the families who you need—and who need you!


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