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Establishing Key Results Areas

As a leader, you have a responsibility to help your employees understand what success looks like at the studio. If they have clarity around what’s required of them—and are held accountable—they are more likely to have confidence in themselves and follow-through on doing great work.

Key Results Areas (KRAs) are a few, firm definitions of what “winning” looks like for each role on your team. Use these example KRAs to establish your own—or better yet, ask your staff members to help develop their own KRAs. Those who help build the structure are more likely to keep it strong!

Front Desk:

  1. Offer service that is kind, caring, and cheerful, knowing when to speak and when to listen.
  2. Have a balanced sense of urgency and attention to detail when completing tasks and answering questions.
  3. Stay cool under pressure when situations/conversations arise that need to be defused.


  1. Know every child’s name and communicate clearly and kindly in the classroom.
  2. Teach age-appropriate movement and choreography (with appropriate music) in accordance with studio requirements and deadlines.
  3. Arrive early, prepared, and dressed professionally.

You may also want to set KRAs for your administrative team beyond the front desk, or for your leadership team. Don’t forget to discuss these guidelines often in order to keep them top-of-mind!


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