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Increase Retention of Tweens & Teens

Have you ever struggled with retaining your middle school and high school dancers? It is a common challenge for many studio leaders, as these students are faced with more challenging homework, a variety of school activities, and the magnetic pull of social commitments.

But dance, as we all know, can be the one consistent thing in a child’s life, providing them with the skills to become a confident young adult. Keep your tweens and teens engaged with a variety of opportunities that allow them to shine in their unique gifts and talents.

Classroom Assistants
Open your program to all students of a certain age or grade level who are willing to train and prove themselves responsible. Leaders grow leaders!

Dance Honor Society
Go the extra mile by opening a chapter of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts (www.ndeo.org). Recognize your students for their academic achievements and community involvement.

Mentorship 101
Assign studio peer buddies to encourage leadership and relationship-building across ages and dance styles. Host biweekly or monthly events focused around a key life lesson, such as perseverance, building a work ethic, or becoming a leader.

Dance Pathways
Meet with students and their parents to discuss how dance fits into their goals, in and out of the studio. “Success” can be defined in many ways: what does it look like to them and how can you help them get there?

Remind your students often about their value, contributions, and personal growth in dance. Connect with them personally by sharing staff and alumni stories. Appreciate where your dancers are now and help them see what’s possible in their future!


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