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Optimize: to make something as effective as possible.

If your studio already has a strong foundation, what can you do to optimize its structure? How can you have an even greater impact on yourself, your staff, and your students?

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Studio Training Solutions has courses, seminars, and downloads to fortify the health of your business for long-term stability.

The possibilities are endless!

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Studio optimization courses


STArt learning with INSight Magazine™

Every edition of INSight Magazine™ is filled with articles that focus on stabilizing, maximizing, or optimizing your studio business. Grow Your Loyalty by Karen White explains the importance of brand loyalty, along with proven examples of what is working well.

Is it time to turn your PASSION into a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS?

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  • Learn business skills from veteran studio owners
  • Develop a winning culture with kids at the forefront
  • Develop your leadership skills to empower your team
  • Engage with a vibrant, helpful community
MTJGD studio affilitation

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At More Than Just Great Dancing!®, we offer our licensed affiliated studios the advanced tools, resources, and coaching they need to achieve the highest standards in the industry. Beyond membership, we strive to be a positive influence on the greater dance industry by creating unique educational opportunities for all.

Our community of dance studio owners are regaining control of their lives, getting out of debt, expanding programs, developing leaders, and having a positive impact on their communities—all while making time for themselves and their families.



Friends in the Industry

“When I started working with MTJGD™ I was doing everything and never felt like I could get anything done 100%. With the help of MTJGD™ I have grown my staff and enrollment so that I can focus on the bigger picture for the studio and my personal life. Thank you, MTJGD™!”
Sunita Joshi
Hudson Conservatory of Ballet
Hudson, OH
“Working with Misty and MTJGD™ helped our team with smart growth before the pandemic and they are helping us to build back in the smartest way possible as we recover from it! Thank you for your consistent support and real-time resources. It’s been a lifesaver!”
Neisha Hernandez
Neisha’s Dance & Music Academy
Chula Vista, CA
Suzy Simpson 3-D Dance
“MTJGD™ has provided real-time resources to help grow our studio enrollment, programs, and teams, which in turn, helps us to elevate the level of service we deliver to our community. Our studio also became the first YPAD certified dance studio in Texas. YPAD resources are a must if you are working with children!”
Suzy Simpson & Michelle Finch
3-D Dance
Little Elm, TX


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