Hey Studio Owner! As we are entering a new season we wanted to bring you the most beneficial solutions & tools in this edition to help you turn the page on 2020 and BUILD UP your studio for success in 2021!

And... WE ARE EXCITED! The next edition of INSight™ Magazine has now been printed and ready for you! You do NOT want to miss getting this incredible resource in your hands :)


Our magazine not only includes INSPIRING stories from studio owners like you, but you will get practical tools with WORKSHEETS to help you implement those solutions in your studio. We like to call it a workbook-styled magazine! It is truly a one-of-a-kind resource specifically designed with the studio owner in mind!


  • Building Up Smart Enrollment

  • Teaching Your Staff to Budget

  • 4 Ideas for $40k

  • Analyzing Tuition: Creating a Smarter Tuition Scale

  • The Importance of Inclusive Hairstyles

  • Growing Consumer Loyalty


*Print & Digital Distributions Begin July 2021.  MTJGD Members receive complimentary copies.


Hear from studio owners that have benefited from INSight™ Magazine below!

Angela Probst

Bauer Fine Arts Academy, Jordan, MN

"I can’t wait to read mine! I’ve kept every single edition and reread them often. Every word is gold! This is something every studio owner should have!"

Tara Pickford

Ambition Performing Arts Inc, Airdrie, AB, Canada

"So excited to have another article in the best magazine for a studio business owner. If you are looking for some powerful tools to help you gain ground or maybe even get restarted after a COVID tough year - this is where the answers are."

Melanie Gibbs

Boca Dance Studio, Boca Raton, FL

“I never ignore a single message from Misty! Every publication is read cover-to-cover, and put in a folder that I refer to over and over again!”

Allison Brown

Hearts in Motion Dance, Grand Rapids, MI

"If you are a dance studio owner OR fitness studio owner, check this out! Misty is by far the smartest person I know. Owning a small business during a global pandemic has been scary and hard but she and her team have helped us to get through safely! Everyone should definitely take advantage of this resource!"

Shanna Kirkpatrick

Chara Christian Dance Academy, Friendswood, TX

"I am excited to have written for INSight™ Magazine for the first time! We are helping other studios, fitness facilities and gyms, many of them owned by MOMS (that’s where my article comes in) navigate this challenging time in their business and therefore personal lives. It is important to support and elevate one another during this time."

Inside Look!

The Importance of Inclusive Hairstyles
by Erika Hogan

Take a look at an INSight™ article from the Build Up Edition to get a taste of just how GREAT the content is & just how much you NEED this magazine as a normal part of your life as a studio owner! :)