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Problem-Solve Using Client Feedback

No one in business likes receiving complaints! So, what if you could prevent complaints from happening in the first place?

With an open mind and a commitment to great service, you can stop many complaints in their tracks by soliciting client feedback. Understanding pain points allows you to implement solutions before issues have a chance to grow beyond repair. While it’s true that not every concern can (or should) be addressed, many concerns can be mitigated with a keen eye on what people want.

Get ahead of problems with any or all of these feedback-gathering methods:

Family Survey
Through an online survey platform (or Google Forms), ask questions about how your clients would rate their experience with your company. Plant seeds of core values in your questions, such as “How would you rate your child’s enthusiasm for dance class?”

Program Questions
Using just two or three targeted questions to a small group, ask for your clients’ feedback about a specific class, opportunity, or event, such as whether your competitive students desire more or fewer hours of commitment.

Focus Group
Hand-select parents who represent different cross-sections of your studio population (like preschool, elementary, competitive, or special needs) and invite them to participate in a one-hour onsite discussion about a specific topic, such as recital or class levels.

Social Media Poll
An informal poll on social media can give you quick insight into busy parents’ lives and how you can serve them more effectively. Ask simple questions, such as their preferred form of communication or the easiest day of the week for costume pick-up.


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