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Back to School – Marketing Content Bundle

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This is all the “Back to School” marketing copy you will ever need! Use this content on your blog to boost SEO and increase your website’s visibility, and add it to your emails to improve studio communications.

Topics included:

  1. Congratulations! You’re Officially a Dance Parent
  2. What is Age-Appropriate Movement?
  3. Preparing for Your Child’s First Dance Class
  4. Why is the Dress Code Important?
  5. Beating the Back-to-School Blues
  6. Practicing at Home: Dos & Don’ts
  7. Making the Most Out of Your Child’s Classroom Experience
  8. Why Children Need Grit, and How Dance Makes a Difference
  9. Why Performing is Beneficial for Your Child
  10. Raising a Healthy Dancer
  11. Behind the Scenes at the Studio
  12. What Progress in Dance Looks Like



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