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Smart Social Media

Have you ever looked at your studio’s social media and thought, “It’s time to get a handle on this!

Getting savvy on social media doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some common traps, followed by solutions:

Trap #1
Inconsistency. You find yourself posting whenever, wherever—without a plan.

“Social Day.” Set aside one day, with your social media staffer, to plan out an entire month, semester, or year of social media posts. Create a calendar and timeline. Take your old inconsistency and turn it into new reliability!

Trap #2
Low or no sales. Your posts to generate sales fall flat.

The 80/20 rule. Make sure that 80% of your studio’s posts offer education, celebration, or entertainment. The other 20% can be sales-driven. Increased value = increased purchasing.

Trap #3
Low or no visibility. It seems as though no one sees or reacts to your posts, except for the same people (and you know who they are!).

Pump up your engagement. Share, react, and comment to your community of followers. Post a mix of photos and videos and questions. Interact meaningfully and the algorithms will take notice.



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