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Starting a New Program

Have you reached the point where you are ready to try out a new program idea, such as an additional performing group for young dancers or a daytime pre-professional track for teens? Or maybe you want to see if a class for special needs dancers will take off, or if an adult beginner series would fill your revenue gap.

No matter your ambition, follow these steps for proof of concept. Then, if you experience success, keep going full steam ahead!

  • Identify what you want to build. Lay out the vision and imagine what it would be like if the new program is a hit.
  • Audit your supplies and staff. What do you need to build this program? Who will run it?
    Set a budget so that you can measure financial progress. Determine the projected income and expenses, and how long it will take to turn a profit.
  • Plan your marketing and inform your team members. Get all hands on deck when it comes to sales!
  • Try it out for the short term. Fall and winter can be great times of the season to test-drive new programs before making them permanent (or moving on to try something else).

New programs are more likely to be a success if they’ve been launched following a well-thought plan. Remember to measure your numbers as you go (enrollment, expenses, profit) and ask for feedback too (surveys, emails, focus groups).


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