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Dance studios have a positive impact on millions of young people each year.

You are here because you believe in the incredible benefits of dance for your students: physical health, social-emotional wellness, and mental well-being.

Your passion means you are ready for success.

Whether you have been in business for years or are just starting your studio, Studio Training Solutions has the resources to help you get stronger.

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A master class to strengthen your business!

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You will learn foundations in:

Stage 2

You will learn foundations in:

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You will learn foundations in:
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Looking for inspiration, practical advice, and business coaching? Check out the INSight Magazine™ article Empower Yourself with High-Level Productivity by Lisa Pevateaux. Get motivated to take control of your time so that you can reach your goals!

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“I feel like the Solution Series™ inspired a shift in my business. It challenged me to look at my studio from all sides, when I previously only looked as deep as ‘classroom’ and ‘business.’ Through these workbooks, I was able to identify areas of strength and weakness. It gave me clarity into how I need to focus within my business to achieve my goals. I highly recommend the Solution Series™ to all studio owners looking to regroup and grow!” 

-Rebecca T., Studio Owner

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Friends in the Industry

“I was a member of More Than Just Great Dancing!® for an entire year before we opened. Having this vital information and coaching on the front side was a key factor in our early development and future success. We launched with over 200 students on opening day!”
Emily Weber
Your Performing Arts Center
Yorkville, IL
“I'm in the process of starting my studio right now and I can tell you that the training resources provided here are a lifesaver. The kids we serve truly need our services and I can count on the wise counsel I receive from this group to make that happen. Thank you, MTJGD™!”
Carmelita Gauthier
Be R.O.Y.A.L.
Sacramento, CA
“I just finished my first year as a studio owner ... during a pandemic! I am so thankful for the resources provided by More Than Just Great Dancing!® Because of their team I was able to not only survive, but thrive during my first year!”
Texarkana Dance Academy
Wake Village, TX


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