How strong is your dance studio business?

As a passionate studio owner, you believe in the transformative power of dance — and you’ll do what it takes to help your staff and students become successful, healthy human beings. 

In order to achieve this important mission, you need a solid business structure. And it all starts with a strong foundation.

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Studio Foundations™

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Studio Foundations™ is a master class to strengthen your business!

You will spend three days learning from the industry’s leading studio owner and CEO, Misty Lown. She has 25-plus years of studio owner experience and has helped hundreds of other studio owners strengthen their businesses—and she will help you too.

LIVE on September 27-29
9:30AM - 2:00PM CST

Misty Lown is helping another studio owner at an event

Learn 3 Pillars of a Successful Dance Studio

Day One

You will learn foundations in:

Day Two

You will learn foundations in:

Day three

You will learn foundations in:

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WE are confident you will love this!

If at the end of the first day you haven’t find at least one idea that was worth the cost of admission, we  will refund your enrollment price in its entirety. Please email info@studiotrainingsolutions.com within 24 hours of day one so we can process your refund.

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Friends in the Industry

Julien Marion Headshot
"I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Only three years ago we were having to sell our home and had only enough money for a year of rent. Fast forward to today and I have all five of our kids at the table eating food we budgeted for; we are making enough money to cover all of our expenses and saving some. We are about to hit 400 students. We finally bought a home, nicer than our previous one. I feel a strong sense of gratitude for Misty's encouragement to both Mallorie and me at different stages of this journey. If you’re at that place where you wonder if it’s worth it or if you can make a living at this ... keep pushing, keep fighting. If you keep on staying positive and surround yourself with this community there will be a tipping point where you’ll experience amazing growth."
Julien Marion
Move Dance and Fitness Studio
Richmond, TX
Jamie Marie Owen
"Still trying to wrap my head around all of the amazing information! There are so many things about owning a business that make my head spin, but I now have the tools to send me in the right direction! Best investment I have made so far in the nine short months of opening my studio. Thank you a million times over, Misty, for all you do!"
Jamie-Marie Owen
Magnolia Dance Company
Foley, AL
Julie Lucia Headshot
"Thankful is an understatement! My studio went through some difficult years, including a time when I had to downsize. But because of what I learned through MTJGD™'s coaching, webinars, live events, and friendships, I became empowered to make meaningful changes. I was able to successfully turn my studio around and start a new chapter in my life. I'll be forever grateful for the knowledge and skills I gained and have made a personal commitment to pay it forward."
Julie Lucia
Founder of Studio Dance Centre
Frisco, TX

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