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This stage is when most studio owners are building their business muscle. 
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Recommended Articles

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Business People Meeting Discussion Working Office Concept
Brittney Erickson

A+ Administration

You’ve probably heard the metaphor that business operations are like rowing a boat; everyone has to pull together to win the race! As Harvard rowing

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brand loyalty
Karen White

Grow Your Loyalty

What is brand loyalty? It’s what makes us drive past two drug stores to shop at a third, swear by a certain coffee, buy our

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Close up Asian couple list home financial bill budget on table i
Lisa Pevateaux

Building a Budget

In all of my years as a CPA and a CFO for small businesses, I have found that the concept of budgeting is pretty overwhelming

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Useful Resources

Looking to strengthen a specific part of your studio? Each Solution Series™ booklet is designed to help you focus on one area of your business at a time. With inspiration, practical advice, and built-in worksheets, the Solution Series™ will bring your business to the next level!

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