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The Habits of High-Productivity

There’s a misconception in business that multi-tasking is right and necessary. It’s not!

Multi-tasking actually slows efficiency and makes you more prone to distraction. With a single focus, productivity improves and clear thinking reigns.

Establish these habits to improve your focus on one task at a time:

  • Create a short to-do list every night before bed. Include only the top three tasks that need to be accomplished the next day.
  • Stop checking email every hour. Designate a specific window of time for sending and receiving—and stick to it!
  • Plan breaks throughout your workday. Take a short walk, stretch, or drink a glass of water. Your brain needs to decompress occasionally in order to stay focused.
  • Follow through on tasks to completion. Small business owners are often guilty of starting—but not finishing—tasks. Hold yourself accountable through the entire process.
  • Prevent distractions. Close your office door, silence your phone, and inform your staff (or family) that you shouldn’t be interrupted unless it’s an emergency.
  • Remember to have a growth mindset. Your highest level of productivity will take practice! It will continue to improve as you build strength in these habits.


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