The Mompreneur Life

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Every successful business is built upon meeting a unique need in the marketplace. Similarly, in homes everywhere, there are parents meeting other unique needs: diaper changes, carpools, packing school lunches, late night heart-to-hearts … and a thousand things in between. If you are a woman who is both business owner and mom, chances are you feel pulled from all sides meeting the needs of your children, partner, clients, and employees—all while wondering where you yourself fit into the mix, especially now as you work to rebuild your business.

According to the Pew Research Center, 72% of moms are working. And out of all female-owned businesses, one in every three is owned by a mom, equaling over four million “mompreneur businesses.” In other words, you are not alone, and many other women are walking this road with you, tackling the same obstacles, and striving for the same successes.

It takes practice to navigate “the pull” between home life and business life, but with these tactics you can begin to feel more confident in your strength as a mompreneur.

Create the Infrastructure

Just like your business needs processes and procedures, so does your home and personal life. Take time to plan out a routine for the things that keep your home and family ticking, like grocery shopping (curbside pick up is a lifesaver!), budgeting, and having an idea of what you can cook for dinner each night based on your family’s activities and schedule. Use your phone or a smart speaker device to remind you every morning at a certain time so you can prep before you leave for the day. Create a system for time off with your family as well. Sit down with your partner at the beginning of the calendar year to plan out trips and staycations. Talk about expectations for what those times will look like and if work will be a part of them. Plan ways you can leave the business behind.

Pay for Play

Even if you feel like you need to be all things to all people, remember that you don’t need to do all things that all people do. As an entrepreneur, your time and your mind can be completely filled up with tasks if you do not create space in the margins. Make time to engage with your family by hiring assistance for the tasks you do not care to do (hello, kids laundry!) and watch your personal bandwidth expand. There is no shame in having help as a working mom. Every “wonder woman” mom has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Do What Matters; Forget the Rest

Resist the expectation that you need to be like your other mom-friends on social media. Play to your unique strengths. Crafts and baking may not be your strong suit so focus on what is. Are you great at riding bikes or reading books that lead to quality conversations at bedtime? Focus intensely on those and simply dabble in the rest from time to time. Find out what is important to each of your children and spouse and do those things. It is all about quality over quantity.

Above all, find ways to manage both motherhood and your business that work for you as you continue to navigate. If you find something is no longer working in this season of business recovery, change it! That is the beauty of working for yourself. And, as you pick one or two of these tactics to keep life more in check, remember to schedule time for yourself. You cannot fill others from an empty tank.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most beautiful jobs you could have chosen as a mom. It sets an example of hard work and freedom of schedule for your family. Now that is something to be maximized and celebrated!

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