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6 Characteristics of a Great Leader

As a studio owner, you want to develop your team so that more leaders can rise up. More leaders on your team means that you can step forward into your strengths as the visionary and executive of the business.

But how do you know who is right for a leadership role? Start by identifying these characteristics in your people:

  1. Dedication and loyalty, with an alignment to the studio’s values, culture, and “personality.”
  2. Perseverance following mistakes. Do they give up easily or press on?
  3. High level of engagement. Leaders enjoy participation and seek new opportunities in their work.
  4. Aptitude for personal growth. A desire to learn—together with the skill to apply that new knowledge—demonstrates leadership potential.
  5. Strong communication skills. Leaders build relationships, and relationships are built through trusted, positive communications.
  6. Progress over perfection. Just like with dance students, you want leaders who strive (and who enjoy the process!).

Leaders are made, not born. By identifying these leadership qualities in your team members, you are better able to offer opportunities for them to step up into more responsibility—and potentially more job satisfaction, leading to higher employee retention too.


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