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What Do You Sell?

Is there a gap in your studio sales—an area of opportunity you’re missing? Using the five key dance studio programs below, evaluate where you can “fill the gap” and upserve your people in an innovative way.

Promotional. These programs attract prospective clients. Think trial classes, story time, birthday parties, Girl Scout badge workshops, and other microcommitments. Where can you expand (or deepen) your promotional programming?

Discovery. This is the time kids discover the love of dance, usually through weekly classes or their first performance experience. What steps can you take to increase student involvement at this essential stage?

Developmental. This level of programming is when dancers begin to feel like the studio is their “second home” because they belong to more than one class, they’ve joined a performing group, or they see themselves following in others’ footsteps. How are you capitalizing on this connection? 

Ancillary. These are program “extras” that further support both your mission and the studio families, such as parents’ night out, winter break camp, adult classes, private lessons, and more. How often are you integrating these options into your regular operations?

Community. This is when you intentionally connect the studio and its culture with your surrounding community. This might be through outreach or charity fundraising or partnerships with the local schools or healthcare system. What can you do to increase your community impact?


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